Spirit Charger Mystery Crystal Kit



Our SpiritCharger Mystery Crystal Kit includes everything that you need to manifest your innermost desires. Using all elements of Fire, Water, Earth & Air your Mystery Box is attuned and charged to your unique vibrational frequency by Coral and holds all the essentials you need to connect to your innermost self.

Your Mystery Kit includes two SpiritChargers (either necklace, ring, or bracelet) and can contain candles, incense, essential oils, sage, palo santo, a variety of handpicked genuine crystals, books, and much more.

*The SpiritCharger is personal and should not be transferred to another person.

*Your SpiritCharger is valid only for the current calendar year.

*Avoid contact with water. Remove before bathing, swimming, etc. 

*Shipping within the US & Canada included. Due to the personal process involved in each Spiritcharger, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

*Photos are for sample purposes only. Your SpiritCharger is personally prescribed and selected for you by Coral Menashrov. Coral will connect directly with your soul's energy using a channeling process based upon your name, birth-date, and your mother’s name.

*Please note: If you are purchasing as a gift for someone else you must also provide this information for them in order for the SpiritCharger to be properly connected to their soul and offer maximal healing.

*Disclaimer: Coral’s gifts are not meant to replace conventional medical treatment, but as an aid to complement conventional treatment as a spiritual tool meant to assist those with faith in spiritual healing tools.